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We started Royal Passengers® because our parents wanted to spend their winters in Key West, Florida and they reached the point that the drive down from Atlanta, Georgia was too stressful.  They wanted their vehicle with them, but they did not want to make the drive.  Our mother-in-law wanted to visit from Ohio, but she no longer wanted to fly and travel through the Atlanta airport, it was too big and hard for her to navigate.

While these passenger situations were occurring within our family, we were operating our existing business, Royal Paws® Pet Transportation, where we move pets across the US and Canada.  The idea came….. we need a Royal Paws® for our parents.

While Royal Passengers® Transportation started in 2018, since 2000 Royal Paws® Pet Transportation is a top provider of private, ground, door to door professional pet transportation we proudly introduced this service almost 19 years ago. This stress-free pet moving choice has been enjoyed by thousands of deserving pets throughout all cities in the U.S. and Canada.  You can see many of our testimonials and pictures on our Facebook page.

We are now replicating our Royal Paws® Pet Transportation business and offering Royal Passengers® Transportation service.  We hope that you will allow us the opportunity to serve you with your individual transportation needs.

Kim Weeks


Family Owned and Operated

We created this company to provide a kind and personalized transportation experience for every passenger catering to their specific needs and delivering our passengers safely to their destination.  We have been in the transportation business since 2000.


Kim Weeks


Tripp Weeks

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