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Which states do you deliver?

We deliver to all 49 contiguous states and Canada.

Do you deliver within state?

The only state that we provide local delivery is the state of Georgia, however you may call us to see if we can assist with your instate travel needs

What is your minimum distance for a National trip?

300-500 miles is about the shortest distance we would quote, but please give us a call, from time to time, we can make exceptions.

Why do you only provide local service in the state of Georgia?

We are based out of Marietta, Georgia, we focus locally on seniors and people with disabilities

How many passengers can you take?

We can provide vehicles of all sizes, we will do our best to accommodate your party.

How do I pay?

Credit Card and we require a non-refundable 50% deposit in order to lock in your reservation, the remaining 50% will be charged to your credit card upon delivery.

Do you transport older kids/teenagers?

Passengers under the age of 18 are required to travel with an adult.

Do you transport People with Disabilities?

People with Disabilities are welcome with an accompanying, qualified Care Giver.

Can we drink alcohol or smoke?

No, alcohol and smoking are not allowed in any delivery, regardless if is a Royal Passenger’s vehicle or the personal vehicle of the passenger. 

Will you move my vehicle?

Yes, we can move your vehicle versus using one of our own.  We require that personal vehicles are clean and in good working order (good tires, air/heat is working, oil changed, good wind shield wipers, reliable, well maintained, etc.)  If for any reason a driver does not feel that the personal vehicle is safe or reliable, we have the right to forgo moving the personal vehicle. 

Can I bring a pet with me?

While we recommend that you visit for pet deliveries, if you have a small pet that you can completely manage and control and we are not providing any pet assistance then pets are welcome. 

Can you provide medical assistance?

No, our drivers are not qualified to provide medical assistance, every passenger needs to be completely self-reliant or traveling with a qualified care giver who can provide the appropriate medical support required.

If there is a situation where medical attention is required, our drivers will transport directly to the nearest medical facility.

May I stop and do some sight seeing along the way?

Yes, you are in control of your itinerary.  We will collect all of your requirements up front so that we can plan your trip accordingly. 

Can I change my plans in the middle of the trip?

We will do our best to accommodate reasonable changes, however drastic changes that impact our drivers’ schedule may not be honored as we more than likely have another trip following yours, so drastic changes may not be accepted.

I can only travel for up to 6 or 7 hours in one day, can we stop and stay at a hotel?

Yes, absolutely and you may select the hotel.

There is a restaurant I love that is on the way, may we stop and eat there?

Yes, of course!

Do I have to talk to the driver(s)?

This is up to you!  Our drivers are very kind and personable and if you want to engage in conversation, they are more than willing.  They also appreciate that there may be times when you prefer that the ride is quiet, so feel free to sit back, relax and take a nap along the way.

Can we listen to music, books on tape or watch movies?

We recommend that our passengers use headphones to listen to their media.  If the volume or content is distracting to the driver(s), they may ask you to turn it off if not using headphones. 

Please call us at: 256-459-6627


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